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Laptop Screen Repair



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We are expert in providing replacement for damaged Laptop LCD Screens. We provide best quality, brand new A+++ replacement LCD for all major Laptop Brands.

If your Laptop LCD screen is broken, damaged or cracked during use or has dead pixels / lines or the picture sharpness is reduced and backlight is not working, don’t panic. We can provide you excellent quality replacement LCD screen at very reasonable rate compared to the companies like Sony, Dell, Compaq, HP, Apple, etc. We take pride in our quality and price. You need not buy a new laptop if your LCD screen is damaged as you can easily replace it yourself with these simple DIY steps.

We will be very happy in assisting you in identifying the correct screen, replacement or repair of your Notebook LCD Screen. You can contact us anytime between 8AM EST to 7PM EST on Monday till Saturday. Email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   and our number is (727) – 857-5984.


How do I select the right screen for my laptop?


There are 3 ways you to determine the screen you need.
1. LCD Screen Removal

2. Match Size, Resolution, Laptop Brand, Series and Model


3. Get Information from Laptop Manufacturer

Laptop manufacturers often get LCD screens from LCD manufactures. OEM part numbers are issued by LCD manufactures and MPN is the part number assigned by the Laptop manufacturer. For customer having access to manufacturers customer care can call and ask for MPN and not OEM. For those who wish to locate using our guide, please click here

Once you have the manufacturer part number (MPN) you can search in our website or you can give us a call if you wish.

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Monday - Friday

8:00am to 4:00pm


9:00am to 3:00pm

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F. Calloway
2005-11-24, 01:08
PA Thanx for building this screaming computer! Everything works fine, I'll be sure to let my friends and relatives know about you...
Kelly McGowan
2005-04-14, 01:05
New Jersey Bill, you did a great job cleaning up my computer. Not only did you get rid of a horrible virus, reload all my documents, pictures, etc. BUT my computer is so much quicker now - its like a whole new computer... thanks! Kelly
John Schafer
2006-10-31, 01:10
Capitol Lighting Brought our computer to PC wharehouse and they couldn't fix it. said there wasn't anything wrong with it. You did a great job. thanks John

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